Saturday, March 12, 2011

How it all started

Our Favorite Secret Place
It all started several years ago when Frank invited Bob to go fishing with him in North Carolina.  We had known of each other for several years but only met in passing a time or two. Once we took that first fishing trip together we have been doing so every year in short weekend trips or maybe a week spent out west or in Alaska.  But no matter how long the trip in miles or time, it never seemed long enough.  So this year we are determined to test the strength of our friendship and are committing to a several week, 17 state fishing road trip starting in August.  We have decided to keep a blog for anyone interested in keeping up with us.  We have started working on the route and a rough schedule in hopes that we can entice some friends to join us along the way.

Tight Lines

Frank's Kenai Salmon
Bob's Deep Creek Salmon