Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day on the Bighorn

By Bob.  Today was full of "firsts" for me.  It was my first time fishing in Montana, first time on the Bighorn River and first time fishing out of our Water Skeeter pontoon boat.  Overall, I rank this day as the most exciting day of trout fishing I've ever had, not because of the fishing, but because of the boat.  Don't get me wrong, the fishing was pretty good and I caught all of my fish except the first one on Hoppers.  The personal pontoon boat on a big fast moving river is quite an experience in that you just need about 2 more hands in order to fish, row the boat, work the anchor and take pictures.  There was absolutely no time to relax today, it was 10 hours adrenalin rush.  I ended up with around 10 fish landed for the day, but of the 10, 4 were over 20" and none less than 16".  All and all it was a great first day of the trip.
The Fish Count for the Day
Neil  12
Bob 10
Brad 5
Frank 2

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