Monday, August 1, 2011

Fishing With Bob and Frank Itinerary

This is where we are going as of Aug.1 but changes daily.

August 12 Brad Leaves for Atlanta to get Neal

August 12 Brad picks up Neil in Atlanta for Montana

August 15 Brad and Neil Arrive Fort Smith MT
Cottonwood Campground

August 16 Bob & Frank fly from Charlotte to Billings MT
Brad picks term up at Billings 2:48

August 16-19 FISH Big HORN RIVER

August 20 Bob and Frank take Brad Billings to Airport to fly
Home Joe and Terry fly in to Bozeman

August 20 -27 Bob, Frank, Joe and Terry arrive Ennis MT
Ennis RV Village

August 21-26 Wilson Gabriel Professional Guide Joins group

Five Rivers with in 50 miles
Big hole

August 27 Take Terry to Bozeman to fly home.

August 27-June 3 Bob, Frank and Joe Fish our way to Jackson Hole

Sept 3 Sue arrives and she and Joe leave

Sept 5 Jerry arrives Jackson

Sept 5 Bob, Jerry,and Frank head out for parts unknown

Sept 10 Bob and Frank arrive Brown Cabin.

Sept 12 Brad Flies in the Durango

Sept 13 Group arrive San Juan River

Sept 17 Tentative Bob and Frank fly to Charlotte

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