Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Fish that Frank Missed and Bob Caught.  Frank was pissed.

Today we had a late start to the fishing day because Brad had to take to Neil back to the airport in Billings.  We had fun fishing with Neil yesterday and glad to hear he made it safely back to Atlanta.  Brad returned from Billings in record time and we were on the water before noon, just in time for the Hoppers to get going.  Brad and Bob traded off the rowing duties today as the Water Skeeter stayed in the campground today.  The wind picked up today and made the boat a bit more of a challenge.  This morning our next door neighbors were getting ready to pull out and we had a nice visit with them and they had a couple of great stories and so we’ve decided to try to have a quote of the day.  Today’s winner is, when asked if he was going to bungee jump, he replied, “I came into this world on a busted rubber, I’m not going out on one.”

Fish Count

Bob 6

Brad 5
Frank 3, but I missed a bunch.

Brad with a Hopper Fish

Bob's burnt feet.

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